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Make-up. It does one of three things for a woman. 1) Makes her look stunning. or 2) Makes her look alright. or 3) Makes her look like a man. (No offence to men or anything. In fact, we might be talking about a shim here so this may be the intended look.) Depending on how … Continue reading


Special Day

Today, 22nd July 2013, is a special day. Why? Well, I’m about to tell you. 2 years and approximately 4 hours and 44 minutes ago, (I’m writing this at 9am) a little human being entered the world, covered in vernix and still in his bag of waters. If you’re superstitious, that’s supposedly a lucky sign. … Continue reading


Mama, Maaaammmmaaaa!

Our kids have never had any problems with sleep, getting to sleep, staying asleep or anything to do with sleep come to think of it. Yeah, Amy spreads herself out a bit during a few hours of shut eye but what child doesn’t? Or adult even? Ben regularly has conversations with people only he can … Continue reading